Our mission

Our mission


It fits the needs at national and universal level;

To ensure the production of qualified bird-repelling products,
To conduct research and disseminate it,
It is to increase the level of consciousness by strengthening the relations with the society and the sector.
Production Mission: To produce a bird-repelling product that designs, maintains and maintains functional, aesthetic and sustainable bird-repelling products that meet individual, community and ecological needs.

Research mission: To increase the number of projects with scientific and professional values ​​and to disseminate their results nationally and internationally.

International Relations Mission: To develop international projects in order to ensure the participation of our department in the activities of international organizations in professional matters and to create information sharing and business cohesion.

Mission to Society and Sector: The mission is to provide lifelong healthy living opportunities at the social dimension, to strengthen relationships with society and industry, to convey current knowledge and technology to social life and to the professional sector and to ensure sensitivity to natural and cultural life.