Bird Repellent Spike

Bird Repellent Spike

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Bird Scarf 50 cm

Areas of application: Bird-repellent thorns are frequently applied in building roofs, parapets, porches, balconies, terraces, shopping centers, hotels, constructions, cafes and electricity poles. Our product has 100% customer satisfaction.

Submission: Your contracted cargo is delivered to your cargo on the same day with your orders until 17:00. There is free shipping possibility on purchases over 1000 meters.

Bird Scarer Thorn Properties

1. Width: 15 cm.
2. Length: 50 cm.
3. Height: 11 cm including base height
4. Transparent Polycarbonate is produced from plastic.
5. Lower table inserts are special puzzle lock system to prevent improper mounting. This ensures a smooth installation, no gaps between the birds can occur because there are no intermediate spaces.
6. 14 barbs in ½ meter, 3 bars in a single barrel; There are a total of 42 bars in 14 barbs. There are 84 bars in 1 meter.
7. Has UV durability. 8. ESCR (Environmental impact cracking moisture, pressure, etc.)
9. Strength resistant to breakage.
10. Does not contain metal, does not contain metal coating or paint, does not rust, does not corrode, does not suffer corrosion.
11. B1 is in incombustibility class, does not carry flame.
12. Resistant to chemical effects.
13. There is no electrical conductivity.
14. Hafifir does not overload the applied surface.
15. Special color is produced. The minimum order quantity for making custom color is 1000 m / tul.
16. Package contents 50 m / tül.
17. Certificates of ownership: TS EN 60068-2-75: 2000, TS EN 60112: 2006 + A1: 2010, TS EN 60695-2-10: 2003, TS EN 60068-2-1: 2009, TS EN 60068 - 2-2: 2012 + CE (does not cause physical damage to the assembly staff and the struggling creature)

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